Respecting people and nature
  • All employees are encouraged to think about the environment, whether it's developing or maintaining our products. We are continually striving to have a positive impact on the lives of our people, as well as the world around us. This philosophy is fostered from the corporate level.
Being a credible social presence
  • We have committed ourselves to act socially responsible at all time. Our intent is to grow globally by developing reliable products that make a social contribution, deserving of recognition from our users, dealers, stockholders, and society as a whole.
Contributing to the world through innovative technology
  • Our product development strategy has always been to focus on fostering original technologies rather than mimicking the innovation of others. We seek to make products and implement projects that have a global appeal.
Moving steadily forward
  • The motivation for such a forward movement forms the nucleus of our management philosophy and is the guiding principles for our corporation as a whole.